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Here are examples of our leadership training topics. Expand each section to read a short description.

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Personal, corporate, community, national, and global success will only come when leaders are disciplined and accountable. True success comes when people choose to be honest, transparent, and caring.
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Every person has personal strengths, experiences, and training. These qualities can and should be fully developed for the betterment of the person, his or her family, community, and nation.
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Planning is an integral part of every enterprise. A proper investment in effective planning can turn a marginal business into a success.
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Understanding motivation is an important skill for entrepreneurs. It will enable them to help their associates to release, direct, and facilitate their desires toward achieving mutual goals.
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People resist change when they do not really believe the new way is better. Entrepreneurs who understand how to manage a change process will experience greater success than those who do not.
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Effective communication requires a mutual exchange of information. It occurs when each person receiving the message fully understands and either agrees or effectively expresses disagreement.
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Every training event has three elements; the trainee, the trainer, and the training content. The trainee is the most important of the elements. The trainer and the presentation methods should be adjusted to accommodate the trainees’ real and felt needs.
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Everyone can use some help from someone who has gone before. Serving as a mentor is a way to be blessed through giving back. Finding a mentor will help an entrepreneur increases his or her chances to succeed.
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When a group of people accomplishes more than the sum of the individual contributions, there is an effective team. Synergistic teams sometimes happen spontaneously, but more often they are built.
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Authoritative leadership can work for a short while. However, effective and sustained progress, where everyone including the leader wins, is accomplished as leaders offer themselves as servants to the rest of the enterprise.