What does ‘Anda’ mean?
Anda is a Spanish word indicating forward movement.

What are some critical needs & opportunities?
There are numerous needs and opportunities in emerging markets. In developing countries, several studies have confirmed a direct correlation with rampant corruption and extreme poverty. At Anda Leadership, we envision indigenous entrepreneurship as the most effective long lasting catalyst for social and economic development in emerging markets. It is our earnest desire to see poverty annihilated, justice enacted, and freedom granted throughout the world. We believe that people are the key to positive change and that the creativity and vision needed in developing markets are most likely going to be found in indigenous leadership, especially those who are successfully operating small businesses and social enterprises. Therefore, we endeavor to equip entrepreneurs in emerging markets through biblical character-based leadership training, enabling them to be agents of real positive change, both physical and spiritual. Ultimately, the culture of corruption will change to a culture of integrity.

How can I get involved?
Anda Leadership provides biblical, character-based training and mentoring to the entrepreneurs who are launching and leading small and mid-sized businesses and social enterprises in the hard places of the world. We ask them to pay what they can but most do not yet have sufficient resources to cover the actual cost. Therefore, we are also asking visionary donors to help us help them through investing financial resources, as God provides, toward this great endeavor. In addition, you can help people in developing countries by sharing resources, knowledge and experience with indigenous entrepreneurial leaders desiring to bring real sustainable change. Ultimately, they will grow to understand that true change comes as they give glory to God in all things, build their businesses with integrity, and humbly serve their customers and communities. Contact us at info@andaleadership.com to learn more about partnering with us in prayer, sponsoring leadership training, supporting our work, and potentially serving alongside us as a volunteer trainer or mentor.

How is Anda Leadership structured and funded?
Anda Leadership is structured as a hybrid-not-for-profit Christian leadership training & consulting ministry. Our services are offered and provided to entrepreneurs in emerging/developing markets in the hard places of the world. Therefore, costs are shared by our clients and supporters. Our key supporting partners come from a variety of backgrounds. Anda Leadership is particularly attractive to Christian social entrepreneurs and business leaders of multinational organizations looking to develop talent in emerging markets. Our top financial objective is to be excellent stewards of all the resources God provides to us. You may give by phone, mail, and/or online through the AOS donation webpage https://www.allegrosolutions.org/donate.php and please designate your gift for Anda Leadership. Thank you for partnering with us through prayerfully and financially supporting our work throughout the world. Your tax-deductible contributions enable us to move quickly as opportunities arise to assist entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

What are ‘BIM’ and ‘BAM’?
We conduct our ‘business-in-mission’ (BIM) on behalf of Christian indigenous entrepreneurs in emerging markets by equipping them to effectively operate their ‘businesses-as-mission’ (BAM).

Anda Leadership serves clients in emerging markets throughout the world. So far, we’re seeking and receiving inquiries from several areas including India, Bolivia, Indonesia, China, and several countries within Africa – and we’re just getting started!

Are you affiliated with any government agencies and do you provide micro-enterprise loans or financial investments?
We do not provide loans or financial investments and we’re not associated with any USA or foreign government agencies.

Do you serve entrepreneurial leaders of all faiths?
Yes, we strive to serve people of all faiths or no faith. Although we work primarily with and through Christian partnerships and our clients will be exposed to biblical character-based training, none are required to convert to Christianity.

What is your relationship with Allegro Organizational Solutions?
Anda Leadership is an affiliate of Allegro Organizational Solutions which serves as our ‘fiscal sponsor.’ Fiscal sponsorship is the practice of an existing nonprofit hosting a separate group under their legal and IRS status umbrella so that they can get to work without the delay and effort of organizing a separate new nonprofit firm. In our case, both organizations seek to encourage and equip autonomous missions’ leaders by helping them to accomplish all that God has in store for their ministries. Anda Leadership adds the specific strategy of training entrepreneurs in the developing world. We are delighted that AOS is handling our financial and legal tasks.

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