We connect experienced leaders and high-quality trainers from around the globe with indigenous talent in emerging markets. Our senior team has over three decades of executive leadership with internationally focused organizations which gives us understanding and relationships with both our trainers and clients.

At Anda Leadership, we believe indigenous entrepreneurship is the most effective long lasting catalyst for social and economic development in emerging markets. We believe that people are the key to positive change and that the creativity and vision needed in developing markets will be found in indigenous (local) leadership, especially those who are successfully operating small and medium sized businesses and social enterprises.

At this exciting time in history. Opportunities for emerging market entrepreneurs are more numerous than ever before. First-world companies are looking to emerging markets for talent.

Our approach is successful because we defer to the needs and goals of the clients we serve through providing customized training and mentoring that is specific for their unique circumstances. We understand both the philanthropic leaders and trainers who want to give back and our clients whose cultural backgrounds must be considered before effective training will happen.

We provide top-quality training which equips entrepreneurs to be as effective as they can be as they pilot wealth-creating companies and hope-giving charities for the long-term benefit of their societies.

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