A beautiful tree in a Bulawayo suberb

A beautiful tree in a Bulawayo suburb

Africa grows on you!

Of course, there are many problems and issues that are concerning in Africa, but there is more to Africa than what is commonly portrayed. This is my third trip to Zimbabwe in the past twelve months. I come here with the hope that I will be able to add something positive that will help the people overcome some of the problems and issues that hold them in bondage and poverty. I trust I am contributing, but I feel that I receive more than I give. Here are three reasons why I am optimistic about Africa.

First, Africa is naturally rich. Resources like minerals and land are plentiful. Unfortunately, much of Africa’s natural wealth is controlled by a few unscrupulous people who use it to oppress the majority. If corruption in the mining and farming industries was replaced with integrity, Africa would soon become an economic powerhouse.

Second, Africa is naturally beautiful. Most people know this. The amazing diversity of species, the expanses of undisturbed terrain, and the pleasant climate are unbeatable. Who wouldn’t want to live here?

Third, Africa’s people are wonderful! They are lovely inside and out. They value relationships. They are creative. They love to dance, sing, and laugh. They are industrious and sensitive to the rhythms of life. Most of my African friends have endured horrendous trauma, but they remain optimistic and delightful. They bring me much joy!

Africa is brimming¬†with potential. I see it everywhere. There are hurdles that must be overcome and when they are, Africa will become the exciting place to be. I feel privileged to be here. Even though it is difficult to listen to so many sad stories and to see the ongoing effects of abusive power and corruption, I remain optimistic about Africa’s rise.