This reminder of an important African value dominates the wall in front of one of the escalators in the Johannesburg Airport.

African Proverb in Johannesburg Airport

African Proverb in Johannesburg Airport

Nancy teaches a lesson that brings home this same message in her workshops. She engages audience participation to tell about the farmer who wants to pull a large turnip in his garden. Unable to pull it himself, he enlists his wife. Still unable to pull the turnip, they enlist, one by one, their son, then their daughter, then the dog, then the cat. Still unable to pull up the turnip, they finally call in the mouse to help them. With the entire family working together and with a grand tug, the turnip comes up.

Here is a picture of all the characters working together:

"Farmer" Nancy gets help from her trainees to illustrate the story of the large turnip.

“Farmer” Nancy gets help from her trainees to illustrate the story of the large turnip.

This is just one of the dozens of illustrations Nancy uses to communicate important truths as she teaches teachers. As you would expect, her workshops are very popular. She has stayed very busy teaching in a variety of settings since we arrived here in Zimbabwe a week ago. This week she is teaching the primary school teachers that are associated with an expanding church planting movement. She teaches for three hours each afternoon Monday through Thursday and then five hours on Saturday.

I travel to Bulawayo tomorrow, a couple days later than originally planned. I will lead workshops for a business there Thursday, Friday, and Monday. I also will lead workshops for two different groupsĀ of church leaders Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

We appreciate your prayers for us as we serve God and the wonderful Zimbabwean people! We are grateful that so far we have not been sick and we both passed through the jet-lag part of the trip relatively smoothly.