My wife, Nancy, and I are in the final week of a five-week road trip in Northeastern US, three thousand miles from our home in Washington state. We have had a wonderful trip with many experiences to blog about, but I have not been blogging. I have been too busy living to reflect.

I believe it is okay, even appropriate to change up my daily routine from time to time. However, this means I have to adjust my daily rhythms, the practices and disciplines that help me maintain physical, emotional, and spiritual health. I enjoy meeting people and engaging in new experiences. However, I also enjoy the productivity that accompanies the predictability of the daily structure of home. One thing I have missed during this trip has been the time and energy to regularly pause and reflect. I feel I may have missed seeing God’s glory and overlooked life-lessons as I have sped from one meeting, interaction, or activity to the next.

I don’t know if there is a solution to this. It feels like a dilemma to me. My life involves travel which requires flexibility. For example, Nancy and I leave for Zimbabwe September 1.

Have you struggled with this problem? Do you have suggestions for me? How can I better balance the flexibility required when traveling with the life-giving disciplines I practice at home?