Jennifer and Peter Hedlund

Jennifer and Peter Hedlund

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your love for us. Thank you for this beautiful wedding ceremony. Today we are reminded afresh of your amazing love and your acceptance of those who give themselves to you.

We praise you as the creator of all things and the lord of all time. You are the almighty and eternal God. Yet, you have chosen to not remain distant from your creation and chose to enter into time. Thank you for allowing us to participate in this wedding ceremony and for attending to us today. As we look at this beautiful bride, we are reminded that you have chosen us, the Church, as your bride. Just as Jennifer has offered herself to Peter, we offer ourselves to you. We renew our commitment to submit and obey.

We offer this bride and groom, Jennifer and Peter, to you. We ask that they will

  • worship you with the passion of King David
  • walk before you with the humility of Moses
  • serve you with the fervor of Paul
  • cling to each other with the loyalty of Ruth

For Jennifer, my Love, the daughter you gave me, I ask a special blessing.

  • Give her peace in the midst of life’s storms
  • Give her patience when others let her down and when she misses her own expectations
  • Give her hope when all seems bleak
  • And always give her love.

Remind her that I love her more than words can express and you love her infinitely more.