Four summers ago, Nancy, my wife, went to Ghana with other members of our Spokane church family. I remained in Spokane and eagerly waited for news of their progress. One day I received a phone call from Nancy. After a brief exchange of greetings, “How are you?, How is everyone else?, etc,” Nancy said, “There is a girl here who needs a place to stay while she attends Whitworth University the next four years. Can she live with us?”

Then the phone went dead. What happened next causes me to wonder if there was a technical problem of if the dropped call was deliberate.

Nancy went back to the group that was awaiting my answer and said, “He didn’t say, ‘No.'”

Several weeks later Jennifer Adjua Ampadu arrived and has become part of the Fritz family. Most people know her as Jennifer, but because we already have a Jennifer in our family, to us she is Adjua. I fell in love with her as if she is my own daughter.

When Adjua arrived, she was a teenager full of dreams and visions of what she would do and become as she lived and studied in the US. She worked hard, learned to negotiate American culture, and completed her coursework with honors. She became a mature young lady.

Today we will celebrate her graduation at the University and at our home with a party afterwards. I am proud of her!

Congratulations Adjua! You are beautiful inside and out. Your focus and dedication have paid off. You have completed this part of your journey. I pray you continue to pursue your dreams and that you continue to find success in all you attempt.

You are not alone. You have families in Ghana and in America who love you. Even more importantly, you have a loving Heavenly Father who remains close to you wherever you go!