Nancy, my wife of nearly 30 years, and I are both purposeful people. Our common life purpose brought us together at the US Center for World Mission over three decades ago. We believed the USCWM was the place where we could maximally contribute to the biblical task of glorifying God by taking his saving message to the world. Our marriage synergistically merged two complementary ministry agendas. Our shared purpose is a great asset in our marriage – a strong and stabilizing adhesive.

However, our purposeful approach to life can hinder intimacy. Sometimes we get so focused on the tasks at hand that we neglect to talk about joys, fears, dreams, and possibilities. It is important for us to go away together like we did for a couple days last week. We packed the pickup with our camping gear, water, and food and headed to the Idaho mountains. We went to a beautiful and peaceful spot beyond the reach of cell towers and WiFi connections. Our agenda was to just hang out together.

The mountain air, rugged terrain, and beatific vistas recharged us and enhanced our interpersonal communication. Being alone together provided time and space for our conversations to flow freely from topic to topic and back again without the need to push toward closure and personal assignments. The experience reminded us that we are good ministry partners, and more. We rejoice in our godly calling and our friendship.

I am grateful for Nancy. I am glad we went away for a few days. I wish we would do it more often!