One of the companies I consulted with while I was in Zimbabwe last month was Xmpla. This company trains and employs bright young Zimbabwean talent to do commercial copy writing for European companies. Much of their work is for the European Commission and therefore has to be of the highest quality. The competition is stiff, but Xmpla has a remarkable track record of dramatically outperforming other writers and their service is available at a reduced cost.

Xmpla was started by an entrepreneurial British couple, Mark and Heather Wells, who responded to the Lord’s nudging and sold everything they owned in England and moved to Bulawayo to launch Xmpla there. There have been and continue to be significant hurdles. Zimbabwe is not a business-friendly place, especially for expatriates. Nevertheless, Mark and Heather are persevering and enjoying steady organizational growth.

Xmpla is scalable. That is, the writers work on a project-by-project basis and the company has much untapped capacity. The more writing projects they receive, the more Zimbabweans they can employ. Increased employment is sustainable development and necessary to turn the country’s economy around. While I was with them, we dreamed about opening an Xmpla branch in North America. Are there American companies who would be willing to hire Xmpla to do copy writing and provide a hand up to young Zimbabweans who want to work, but have very few opportunities?

Working with Xmpla is a win-win opportunity. The hiring company wins because they receive an excellent product at a reduced cost as they demonstrate social consciousness. Zimbabweans win as they engage in income generating work creating wealth for their families, community, and country. This is an opportunity for American businesses to help themselves as they reach out to some of the poorest people on earth.

I believe so much in this opportunity that I am willing to personally guarantee the satisfaction of anyone who will outsource writing projects to Xmpla. If Xmpla does not meet appropriate standards, I will personally get involved and complete the project myself.

If you know of a company who might be willing to give Xmpla a chance, let me know. I will function as the intermediary between the US company and the Xmpla writers.