When my third daughter, Jennifer, was about 7, I asked her to promise she would not turn double digits. Her two older sisters were becoming adolescents and I needed at least one of my girls to remain little. She was my last best hope. So, even though she was aware of the inevitable, she humored me by agreeing to “do her best” to not grow up. Unfortunately for me, she failed and now has become a brilliant and beautiful young lady. She has graduated from college with honors and landed a big-shot engineering job with a security clearance. I don’t even know what she does!

Along the way she met a wonderful young man who conspires with her job to further steal her away from me. I not only losing my little girl, I’m loosing my daughter. In 100 days I will formally hand her over to Peter.

Watching my children grow up is a bitter-sweet experience. One minute I am delighted with their success and maturity. The next minute I mourn their separation from me and long for the intimacy we shared when they were little.

Here is my word of advice for parents of young families — enjoy your children now. You are going to miss these days. I know they are hectic, but they go by so quickly. Before you know it, your children will be gone and your house will be quiet, too quiet!