During my time in Zimbabwe this month someone gave me a book, Saving Zimbabwe, Life, Death and Hope in Africa. I read it as I traveled home last week. The author, Bob Scott, was intimately involved with the 16 people who were horrifically massacred south of Bulawayo, November 27, 1987. Like the people who were killed, Nancy and I lived in an intentional community in Pasadena, CA at that time. I remember reading about the event in the LA Times during that Thanksgiving weekend and feeling affinity with the fellow Christians who had chosen a sacrificial lifestyle for the sake of reconciliation. The massacre was so awful that it shook the world. Every major news outlet covered the story.

Two-thirds of the book unravels the story of the massacre from the author’s perspective. This is not light reading. It is not a happy story. Nevertheless, it is worth reading to gain more understanding of Africa’s struggle, human sin and our need of God’s grace.

The final third of the book is more philosophical and prescriptive. I particularly like Chapter 13, Transformation. In this chapter the author lists and explains the changes he feels are needed in Zimbabwe. His list includes:

  • Transformation of the Church Leadership
  • Transformation of the Political Leadership
  • Transformation through Forgiveness
  • Transformation through taking Personal Responsibility
  • Transformation through the Celebration of Diversity

This is a good book to read if you are interested in knowing why Zimbabwe has fallen from being a jewel in Africa to being one of the poorest countries on earth and how its future can once again be bright.