My time here in Zimbabwe is drawing to a close. I am scheduled to fly out of Bulawayo in a few hours. I enjoyed reconnecting with friends I met before and making new ones. I taught in various venues in three cities. I learned more about the struggles the people have endured and gained a greater respect for their faith and perseverance. This has been a productive trip and now it is time to go home.

During the next couple weeks I will attempt to process and consolidate all I have learned and seek God regarding my future involvement here. I have been asked to come back and stay for a longer period of time. Several businesses and organizations would like me to teach more extensively, particularly about leadership, organizational management, and mentoring. Topics that cannot be adequately covered in one or two sessions.

The educators here are also asking for training from the outside. The head of one of the teachers’ training colleges told me they are “desperate” for the kind of training Nancy offers through Kidzana. She said, “We need new inspiration.” She pleaded with me to bring Nancy here.

I am grateful for the reception I have received here and honored that the opportunities to serve in this country are plentiful for both Nancy and me. I should be home Wednesday and Nancy should be home Saturday. Next week we will begin figuring out where we should focus our future ministry. I pray for the Lord’s wisdom and direction.

Do you have any counsel for us as we evaluate and plan?