Tomorrow morning I will leave for Zimbabwe. My bags are packed, the itinerary is planned, the bills are paid, and the people who might need me for something have been alerted. I don’t know how I can be more prepared. However, I have an unspecific feeling that I might be missing something. I have an uncertain intuition that unexpected circumstances will develop while I am traveling. How do I prepare for changes in the itinerary? What if I missed a bill that will come due while I’m gone? What if one of my children finds him or herself in a crisis? I can imagine many things that could happen, but probably won’t. Nevertheless, I am currently at a crossroads. I can allow worry to creep into my soul and tie me up. Or, I can choose to walk by faith.

I know that worry will steal my joy, stifle my creativity, and┬ásabotage the flexibility that is so important during a trip like this. I desire to serve the Zimbabwean people. To do that effectively, I need to be alert and ready to adjust as I become more aware of how I can contribute. I need to live in each moment that I am there and release the other areas of my life. While I am in Zimbabwe my Spokane life is distant. It doesn’t make sense that I would try to control the happenings here while I am there.

Life is like that. I can’t change what has happened and I can’t control what will happen. I only have influence on the present. As a Christian, I depend on God’s mercy for mistakes of the past and I trust in his guidance for the future. Most importantly, I allocate his power to fully live in each moment. Worry is replaced with faith, joy is released in my soul, and I become a blessing to those around me.

I desire to become better at walking by faith.