My wife, Nancy, teaches innovative methods to children’s educators. She is traveling to SE Asia this week to lead several national level teacher-training events. She also teaches a class of elementary age boys at our church here in Spokane. Her influence as an international teacher-trainer is extensive. However, her involvement with the local Sunday School class is equally impressive. It seems that each Sunday afternoon I am again impressed with her commitment to those 12 boys and her creativity as she guides them toward Christ.

As she told stories about what happened in class yesterday I was reminded of Mrs. Dobson, my fifth grade Sunday School teacher. Did that patient and consistent lady shape the direction of my life? She wasn’t the only influence, but I’m sure she helped. The fact that I remember her indicates that she had at least some influence.

Even as a child causing her headaches, I wondered why Mrs. Dobson gave up whatever else she could have been doing during the weekly Sunday School hour to spend time trying to reign in unruly children. She probably did it for the same reason Nancy does it. Teaching Sunday School is an assignment from God. Sunday School teachers use the gifts God has given them to shape the next generation of learners, laborers, and leaders.

I am grateful for the women and men who volunteer as Sunday School teachers. They are a hearty group and generally under-appreciated. They are making the world better one child at a time. Good job Nancy! And thanks to Mrs. Dobson, who now resides in Heaven with Jesus. Right where she belongs.