After serving God by mobilizing Christians to complete world evangelization for 27 years, Caleb Project went out of business in February 2007. Six years ago. I served with the organization throughout its entire history except for the final seven weeks. Near the end of December of 2006 the board of directors decided that it wanted to “go in a different direction” and removed me as the CEO. I still don’t know why they removed me or much about what happened during those final seven weeks that brought such an abrupt end. Whenever I think about that time I get an empty feeling deep in the pit of my stomach. I am haunted by the trauma suffered by the 100 staff members and their families. Many unanswered questions remain.

During the past six years, I have inherited most of the organization’s historical records. Not knowing what else to do with them, people sent them to me. I have many boxes and binders full of meeting minutes, sample publications, pictures, etc. These archives tell a wonderful and amazing story of God at work. From the beginning, Caleb Project was an unlikely organization. It started with an anti-organizational bias. In the early days, we were committed to not allow it to become organized. The fact that it survived our youthful zeal and naivete and engaged in effective ministry for 27 years is miraculous.

It’s demise was just as unlikely. The staff was comprised of wonderfully gifted people, we enjoyed a positive reputation, and we were preparing for growth. However, just as God birthed and sustained the organization, he let it die. As always, our appropriate response is to praise him!

Now I am slowly scanning the historical documents into pdf files. Nancy and I decided all the paper was taking up too much space, but we could not bring ourselves to throw it out. So, we bought a scanner which I keep running as I work at my desk nearby. Carrying the boxes of scanned documents to the recycling bin causes me to be melancholic. Nevertheless, the exercise is therapeutic. A chapter of my life is closing.