Last November, my colleague Laura and I spent a week in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe meeting with business and church leaders. We were invited to the city to explore the possibility of connecting businessmen and entrepreneurs there with experienced people from outside their context. We hope these connections will provide valuable input that will increase business success and, more importantly, provide opportunities for dynamic relational and spiritual interchange.

The people we met are transparent about the difficulties they have been through during the past five years. Their wealth and businesses were wiped out during the time of hyper-inflation and dollarization. (The country now uses the US dollar for its currency.)  However, there is an optimistic view of the future. People hope that the situation is stabilizing. They believe things are getting better and their fortunes are improving. Some are waiting until after the election which is expected to happen sometime this year to take more risk and others are not waiting. The braver ones are moving forward now and they want help. They are very interested in receiving input about how to improve their businesses, leadership, management, etc. For example, they desire the kind of input that we talk about at Anda Leadership.

Laura and I are delighted to continue working with the wonderful people we met. By God’s grace we were able to encourage them while we were there. Our hope is to continue to serve them by linking them with people and resources that they need, but are scarce in their immediate environment.

Would you or someone you know like to join us by giving a hand up to the leaders in Bulawayo? We can use people with various expertise and experience. For example, people in the clothing, rubber, and finance industries specifically requested help. We could also use business and management consultants who have experience with re-launching businesses that have been devastated by external trauma. Finally, we were asked to help them launch a leadership conference. Would you like to help organize that?