Last June I traveled to Central Asia to lead a week-long training event for an indigenous church planting organization. The leaders of this organization refuse to accept the spiritual oppression that characterizes their country. They are standing against cultural, social, and governmental norms and proclaiming that their current situation and the eternal destinies of their families and neighbors can change. Their concerns span both the spiritual and temporal realms. In June we focused on helping them become a transparent organization that conducts business honorably.

These leaders face persecution and oppression from many sides. For example, this week they are appealing unfair fines that have been levied against them. When I spoke to one of the leaders yesterday he said six of them will probably have to either pay $3000 (which is a lot of money there), turn over all their possessions in their houses, or spend 15 days in jail. Please pray with me that their appeal is accepted and justice prevails in this situation.

Even in the midst of this disturbance, these same leaders are continuing to apply the lessons in best organizational practices that we discussed in June. They have diligently worked to produce an organizational budget which is now nearly complete. I am proud of their progress! I did not expect that they would be able to move forward as effectively and quickly as they have. In fact, just a few months ago, I urged them to not attempt to begin their fiscal year this January because I did not expect that they would be able to complete their budget in time. This morning I changed my position and now I am urging them to attempt to begin their fiscal year January 1! They have come so far!

A next step for them is to create an accounting system that reflects their budgetary decisions. They need help setting up their books. So, I contacted an accountant friend who is now considering sharing her expertise with this organization at this critical time.

This is so exciting! Strongholds that oppose God’s desires for his people are coming down!