Through no fault of their own, women, particularly older women, in northern Ghana are in danger of becoming accused witches. When a woman is accused, she is abused and banished from her home and community. Whitworth Community Presbyterian Church (WCPC) and a Ghanaian ministry, Christian Outreach Fellowship (COF), have been confronting this problem for the past several years. My wife, Nancy, was part of the group that initially brought the issue to light during a meeting in Nabuli in 2009.

A couple weeks ago I visited northern Ghana with another man from WCPC, Frank Ide. Our Ghanaian host, Emmanuel Dabson, is the director of Christian Outreach Fellowship (COF). Our first agenda item was to meet with opinion leaders, chiefs, and governmental officials in the Komba region around the village of Nabuli.

Saturday, November 10, 2012 was a historic day for the women of the Komba region. Two dozen leaders came together and agreed that it was their responsibility to protect their women. Emmanuel providedĀ organizationalĀ support. Frank and I demonstrated that this is not just a local issue, but that people in the US and around the world are concerned. The pieces seemed to be in place in a way that only the Lord could arrange. It was a privilege to be part of such an important meeting.

The local leaders agreed that they should stop allowing the women to be abused. Their solution was to set up a central committee with three sub-committees that would cover the three sections of the region. This committee will deal with abuse issues. This committee will have sufficient power and influence to stop the practice of accusing women and other maltreatment of women practices.

They intend to have another meeting during which they will formally kick off this committee. They intend to make this a highly visible event including inviting the press. That meeting is tentatively scheduled for January.

Please join us in praying that this process brings an end to the abuse of women in northern Ghana!