Tomorrow is election day in the United States. I confess, I am suffering from campaign fatigue. I will be glad when we know the results and can move on. Don’t get me wrong, I care who wins. Nancy and I cast our ballots two weeks ago before she left for SE Asia. I believe our democratic government is a gift from God and consider voting a blessing from God and my civic responsibility.

Nevertheless, I do not look to elections or to government for anything of real importance in my life. Like everything else, government is under God’s control. Even though it appears that government holds significant influence over my life, that influence is granted by God and only God is sovereign. I look only to the Lord for hope, purpose, health, security, etc. All candidates promise these kinds things, but these promises are hollow. Even if government appears to provide something of value, it is only by God’s grace.

People vote, but it is the Lord who places leaders. In America, we hear that elected officials serve at the will of the people. However, it is more accurate to say that they serve at the will of the Lord. Leaders are placed by God who desires to bless his people. At times God places leaders as a corrective act. In these situations you might say, “We got who we deserve.”

Prayer is a higher responsibility than voting. When I vote, I influence government. When I pray, I communicate with the Lord of Creation. Prayer changes me and gives me access to the only real power and authority. I do not get prayer fatigue. Rather, the more I pray, the more energized I become. Isn’t it wonderful that we have continual access to God? Can you imagine what it would be to have a “prayer day” every couple years with a big one every four years?

Thank God for the privilege of voting.

Thank God that this campaign season is finally over.

Most of all, thank God that he is always available and invites us to continually come to him!