One of the counter-intuitive principles of Christ’s Kingdom is that it is more blessed to give than to receive. (Acts 20:35) We saw this beautifully demonstrated at my daughter’s wedding last month. The friends and family who chose to come to Laura and Kagi’s wedding are the kind of people who prefer to serve. They are proactive people who are not satisfied to be only entertained. A significant percentage of the wedding attendees arrived early, from several hours to several days beforehand. I have not interviewed them, but I believe every one of those servants found at least one meaningful task that contributed to the beauty and joy that we experienced together. Also, it appeared to me that they enjoyed their serving even as they enjoyed the wedding, the fruit of their labor.

How different would Laura’s wedding day have been if the “guests” had chosen to be served rather than serve? It would have been a disaster! It would not have been beautiful. It would not have been fun. It probably would have been memorable, for all the wrong reasons!

A prime example of being blessed by serving is captured in this photo of Tim Green and me. (See below.) Tim and his family serve as Laura and Kagi’s pastor and friends in England and they traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to participate in their wedding. Tim preached a wonderful sermon during the ceremony. Also, for several days before the wedding day this amazing family served in various capacities to help us prepare. They helped with the physical work and they supported us emotionally. They jumped in and helped and we are grateful.

As the picture demonstrates, their serving was not without reward. They had fun too! Here is Tim, a rugby player, coach, teacher, and pastor, preparing candle holders and enjoying the process. His daughters, Ffion and Mererid, were not convinced he was competent for this task, but he proved them wrong. He even invented at least one new design!

I am amazed and delighted by Kingdom principles. They seem upside down, but they are true!

A British rugby player and pastor enjoying preparing candle holders for Laura’s wedding.