Laura and Kagi were married in a beautiful ceremony August 18, 2012. On the way to their wedding, Nancy and I stopped for a couple days at my parents’ home in Pennsylvania. While there I noticed that the Queen of the Meadow flowers were in bloom. That reminded me of the times I helped my great-aunt Vida Edwards, my grand-mother’s sister, pick them to take to her mother’s grave. Leah Seely Edwards, Aunt Vida’s mother, my mother’s grandmother, was born August 18, 1874, 138 years to the day before Laura’s wedding. She loved the Queen of the Meadow flowers that bloomed on her birthday.

In Niagara Falls, I told Laura about the flowers and how Aunt Vida used to take them to Laura’s great, great grandmother’s grave. Laura liked the story and wished she had some of the flowers to include in the arrangements at her wedding. We discussed asking my mother bring some from Pennsylvania, but rejected the idea for a number of reasons.

Later in the week, I went to the bank of the Niagara River to spend some time alone praying and reading the Bible. While I was sitting there, I noticed Queen of the Meadow flowers in abundance along the river. I showed them to Laura. She loved them and decided that they could be perfectly incorporated with the white roses in the wedding bouquets.

Therefore, the Queen of the Meadow flower has become a five generational link. Leah Seely Edwards loved them. Her daughter Vida Edwards used them to remember her mother, picking them with the help of Gregory Fritz, her niece’s son. And, Gregory’s daughter incorporated them into her wedding ceremony!