My daughter Laura married Kagiso Phaladi Saturday afternoon. It was an amazing day. Actually, it was an amazing week! Our family has not even begun to slow down in recounting the stories of how the week and the ceremony unfolded. One theme in our stories has been how wonderfully God provided people to cover for our shortcomings. While driving to Pittsburgh yesterday afternoon, my second oldest daughter, Allison, and I tried to list the people who stepped into specific needs that we had at just the right time. Here is a sampling:

  • The Singh family, Artaj and Judy, allowed us to turn their beautiful home on the Niagara River into the wedding headquarters. They hosted many night-guests and even more day-guests. The served many meals. They provided counseling and local information. Their availability saved us a lot of money, but what they gave us was far more than money could buy.
  • The Green family, Tim, Bethan, Ffion, and Mererid, from England, arrived several days early and added much needed expertise and manpower in preparing the venue. I especially appreciated the fun and laughter they brought to the process. Then Tim provided a wonderful sermon during the wedding ceremony!
  • Bridesmaid Catherine Hamilton graciously self-assigned herself to the “director” role Friday and Saturday after she observed that the Fritz family was no longer effectively self-directing. Her competence was immediately evident and we spontaniously and gratefully responded to her leadership.
  • Then entire wedding party worked together doing everything from preparing the flowers to protecting the bride from too much stress.
  • Photographer, Amy Birdsong, proved her professional competence as she herded us for pictures and made it fun! I can’t wait to see her pictures.
  • Videographer, JP Young, unobtrusively captured the event on video. Again, I can’t wait!!
  • Peter Hedlund did an amazing job as event disc-jockey! His timely choice of songs made the reception memorable.
  • Literally dozens of people spontaniously helped with set-up and tear down and in countless other ways.
  • Almost everyone traveled a significant distance to come. Many people crossed an international boarder, some traveled from distant continents. Every attendee helped make the ceremony special.

Many people contributed to make the day special. Thanks to each and every one!