As I think about my oldest daughter during these final days before her wedding, I see certain characteristics in her that are particularly apparent and attractive. In my previous two blogs, I noted her adventurousness and responsibility. Today, I am thinking about her gift of hospitality. Laura has a knack for receiving and treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way.

As I write this, she is in the kitchen baking cakes for the desert table at her wedding. She is known to be an excellent baker on several continents. In fact, today I learned from some British friends of hers that when when she was staying with them, they restricted her to one baking day each week. They needed to find a way to control the extra pounds that were resulting from Laura’s prolific productions.

When Laura was in high school, our house was constantly filled with her friends. They came for meetings that Laura organized or to just hang out. During those years, there were many nights that I went to bed while our living room was still full of Laura’s friends.

Hospitality continued to be an important part of her life when she lived in Maryland. She and her housemates hosted a weekly gathering of internationals who enjoyed the fellowship and the treats.

If you follow Laura on Facebook or Pinterest, you will see how she enjoys hosting others and how she works to make others feel comfortable. Hospitality is a wonderful gift. I am grateful for Laura and her hospitable spirit. I have regularly been the primary beneficiary as she has baked me more pies, cakes, and cookies than can be counted.

(I just sampled the cake. It is good! Thanks Laura! 🙂 )