My daughter, Laura, is getting married Saturday. To prepare for the wedding I have been thinking about her and her character traits that I particularly admire. Yesterday, I wrote about her adventurism. Today, I am thinking about her responsibility.

Laura is responsible and exhibits other leadership qualities. Examples of her stepping into leadership roles include:

  • She was elected the student body president when she was a senior in high school and tirelessly served her school in that capacity.
  • She launched and led a group of Christian youth from our community who invested in mobilizing their peers into missions after the Columbine shootings near our home in Littleton, CO.
  • She helped facilitate an outreach ministry to internationals from her home in Virginia when she lived there.
  • Even though she was only an intern at the ministry she served with in the mid-East, she earned the respect of the organization’s leaders and was entrusted with leadership responsibilities.

When she recognizes a need or opportunity, she acts. She doesn’t wait for someone else to do something, she initiates and then she sticks with it until it is done.

Edmond Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men (or women) do nothing.”

Laura has a keen sense of what is right and wrong. She refuses to join the ranks of people who “do nothing.” She continually strives to block evil’s advance and she fights for what is right. She is a good example and that is a large part of why I am delighted to be on her team at Anda Leadership.