Nancy in our Yaris

Early tomorrow morning, Nancy and I intend to head out on a cross-country road trip. The first three days we are scheduled to drive twelve hours each day. The fourth day is a “short” five hour drive that should take us to Pittsburgh, PA where we will spend a couple days before continuing. We will continue moving from place to place for most of August. Our plan is to finish the trip by driving from Denver to Spokane August 26 or 27. To see our itinerary click here.

On hearing about this trip, my friend, Bob, said, ”┬áHoly moly. This sounds like what young people would try.” (I am having trouble forgiving him for suggesting that I am old, but that is a topic for another post. :)) Bob’s comment caused me to remember why we chose to drive. The initiating purpose of the trip was to participate in our daughter’s wedding in Niagara Falls, Ontario. It is not hard to fly to several airports near that area. So, why are we driving?

We have not seen many of our faithful financial supporters in a long time and driving will bring us close to a number of them. Driving gives us an opportunity to visit people that we generally don’t see. This trip is about relationships. Our hope is to connect with people who are linked with us in ministry. We hope to share the Anda Leadership vision and other aspects of our lives. We are eager to hear about the lives of our seldom seen friends. We know from experience that, by God’s grace, each relational encounter will be a mutually enriching experience.

This is not a month-long road trip that we must endure, but a relational safari to be enjoyed!