On Thursday, June 14, 2012, LeMei and Michael Littlefield (US Director of OMF) were informed that the cancer that LeMei had been fighting for months and was presumed gone, was in fact back in force. LeMei died five days later.

LeMei’s Celebration Service was held June 22. I, along with the rest of the OMF Board and many other friends and family members, attended the 90 minute event. It was one of the most emotionally powerful couple hours of my life. I wept through the opening song and intermittently throughout the rest of the service. The Spirit of Christ was wonderfully present. As the service drew to a close, I did not want to leave.

Worship was a theme of LeMei’s life. She was a woman who desired, more than anything else, to be in the presence of God. As we remembered her, her husband, children, and others told of how she longed for heaven. She lived her life, up to the very end, with her eyes fixed on Jesus. Her Celebration Service reflected her life. It was a worship service where Christ was exalted. It felt like we could practically hear the Lord’s voice welcoming LeMei into Heaven with, “Well done my good and faithful servant!”

I am sure I was not the only person who left that Denver church that Saturday morning with a renewed commitment to Christ.

May I worship like LeMei worshiped.

May I live like she lived.

May I die like she died!

LeMei wrote poems and songs. The last words she wrote, several days before departing this world, were:

My Lord & Master
My life is in your hands.
Every cell, every breath.

I know that you love me.
Please show me your strategy
and your open door.