Laura, my oldest child, has begun the countdown to her wedding day, August 18. Laura holds a special place in my heart because it was for her that I first felt paternal passion.  Even though it was more than 2 1/2 decades ago that she was born, I clearly remember the love I had for her. I could not keep my hands off her. I was surprised. I did not expect to be so taken by the small creature that was changing my life.

Through the years…

I sought to protect her, but not hover.

I  sought to provide for her, but not spoil.

I sought to correct her, but not discourage.

I sought to be available, but not pushy.

I sought to love her, without conditions.

With her mother, I have been the primary human influence in her life. Now that is changing.

To Kagi, Laura’s new man, I say, “Remember, I loved her first!”