I enjoy all holidays. However when forced to state my favorite, the American holiday of Thanksgiving generally comes to mind. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, Thanksgiving was the biggest feast of the year. In my farming community large groups of extended families gathered for much of the day to tell stories, laugh, and eat. Before the main meal, there was a pause in the boisterous interaction when everyone expressed gratitude for something specific. Then a general prayer was offered. At that moment, all seemed right with God and the problems of the world seemed contained.

As we approach Thanksgiving this week, I wish everyone would experience true contentment and peace.

I realize that for many, all is not right with God and the problems of the world seem out of control. Therefore, I am committed to prayer. My daily routine includes a time of focused intercession. I would like to pray for you. If you send me your specific prayer request, I will add it to my prayer list. You can write to me at gregoryfritz116@gmail.com. I will keep your request confidential.

See, I love Thanksgiving! This was a feast several years ago at my sister's house.